Sarah Trobee
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9th Floor Computer Lab

9th Floor Computer Lab

Rebrand and signage system of Columbia College Visual Arts Department's computer lab. The Lab offers students Mac/PC computers equipped with industry standard software, a bindery and finishing station, and an inkjet printing lab. Student workers in the Lab help out students with troubleshooting and questions regarding the facilities and computer programs. As a student worker, I knew that the Lab redesign needed to emphasize a friendly, easy to navigate facility.  This branding helps students better understand and use the facility for their classes and personal projects. All photos by me. 

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Since the Lab offers so many different things, I decided to split up the amenities into Software, Network, and Hardware. From there, I developed a signage system for students to know basic features in the computer lab (our hours, printer names, printing costs, etc).

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I also created tutorial sheets for common questions, as well as take-away cards for the two biggest questions students ask the facility ("How do I log in?", and "How do I Pay for Printing?").

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