Sarah Trobee

Echo Magazine

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Echo Magazine

Echo Magazine is an award-winning publication at Columbia College Chicago that brings Journalism, Design, and Photography students together to create a 122 page magazine that is distributed throughout Chicago.

As art director, I helped to hone the design student’s ideas into a clear and cohesive magazine that also included a website, social media, and videos. These elements are all made from scratch each semester to fit the issue's theme (ours was the Body Issue). The design team leaders made sure that the other design students were able to complete their work on time and were created within brand standards.


The article is about an LGBT prisoner pen pal program called Black & Pink. All of the letters were provided by the interviewees in the story. Article design by me.


Article and illustrations done by me.


I also served as motion design for Echo and created the logo animation and graphics for web videos.


Photography by Moe Zoyari (art directed by Moe and me). Article design by me.